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Jasmine, 8, Mustang

We are a small family equestrian ranch, that loves animals. We always put the health, safety and comfort of the animal first.

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Pongo, 8, Paint

Meet our


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Scooby, 20, Qtr.

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Cruizer, 17, Rocky


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Deciding where to board your horse begins with learning about the different types of boarding facilities and options they offer. This seems so easy to do, it is important to know exactly what to look for when choosing the facility for you and your horse.

Our boarding facility offers trail riding and an arena for practice. We have a clean, safe, and well-maintained facility. The stalls have great bedding for them to get their rem sleep.

We offer only full boarding service. This will include daily feeding, (grain not included) turnout, stall cleaning, water change and brushing of the horse plus so much more. We have arena lights and lots of trail riding 10 minutes away.

Your horse will be given the daily care and love he or she deserve.

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"Always for the safety and health of the horse."

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Massage Therapy

What Can Massage Therapy Do For Your Horse?

Equine massage therapy can provide pain relief, stimulation of the motor nerves, relief from restlessness and sleep disturbance, improve proprioception and decrease lactic acid build-up in the muscles.

Your horse does not have to have an existing problem to reap the benefits of massage therapy. From the moment the equine massage practitioner initiates touch, he/she is sending messages to the horse's nervous system through the skin. This communication is sent using the electrical signals, which travel throughout the body (similar to humans). The energy can be used to re-educate the muscles in efficient movement and tells the nerves to recognize correct posture. Equine message can also be used to tell the body to release endorphins, which aide in pain relief and sense of well-being. When horses have pain, stress and emotional experiences this can affect hypothalmic activity, and hence the ANS. Therefore, if pain is reduced, the body is under less stress, and this can lead to positive chemical changes within their body. Regular maintenance massage can provide horses with numerous benefits not associated with an existing injury.

How Long Will It Take Before I See Improvement?

Many horses show improvement within one session, while others take several sessions, depending on the issues, many horses need several treatments before changes are observed. I recommend regular maintenance regimen of two sessions per month for the average horse in good condition. For working horses (i.e., showing, training, school horses, etc.), I would recommend weekly sessions to maintain optimum performance from workouts. When a horse needs this treatment more frequently based on the needs of the horse and owner, we can do a full evaluation to determine how often.


Massage Therapy


Full-body massage therapy sessions (30 minutes to 1 hour) start at $45 per horse. Discounts are available for clients with two or more horses. For traveling requiring more then 45-minutes, a travel fee of $15 will be applied. Time spent per session will vary according to each horse’s individual needs and current circumstances, 30 minutes to 1 hour is the average for a horse receiving regular bodywork. If Acupressure, or Photonic (Red Light) is needed there will be an additional fee of $35 per session. First-time clients or those receiving only occasional work likely will require a longer session (if horse will tolerate it). I request 2 horse minimum for trips that require 1-hour, and 3 horse minimum for a 2-hour trip. To avoid trip fees and qualify for discounted rates, try to schedule two or more horses on the same day.

For On-Showgrounds or Rodeo massage sessions the cost of $25 per horse. Travel fee may apply if trip is longer than 45 minutes from home office.

A cool-down massage after the horse’s work is done for the day can help relax those muscles and ease soreness, or stress from the event.

Please call or email for more details.

June ​Special

$35 for a 1 hour session


20 Minute Massage

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What types of Western

Riding is there?

horse saddles and horsebacks

In the modern world, Western Riding has shifted ​away from ranches as its primary setting, with ​approximately 20 distinct types of riding now ​existing. Western riding is viewed as a horse riding ​style that has developed from ranching and care ​practices. Riders generally distinguish between ​English and Western riding; numerous disciplines ​exist within these two categories. These disciplines ​come with their specific gear, competitions, and ​criteria. Some equestrians engage in multiple ​disciplines, while others specialize in one.

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Ribbon Colors for a horse tail

Red means: Caution/Kicker - Keep your distance when passing or approaching.

Green means: Young or green - Does not have much experience being out.

Blue means: Stallion - Keep mares away, especially when cycling.

White means: For sale - If you like what you see, make an offer.

Pink means: Mare in heat or moody - Be cautious.

Improving a Dry Mane

  • Start by focusing on their nutrition! A lack of essential minerals or vitamins can affect your horse's hair, especially an ​imbalance of iron, copper, and zinc that can lead to a dull, bleached appearance.
  • Consider adding flaxseed and biotin supplements for a healthier mane.
  • Avoid using silicone products as they may give a silky feel but do not provide hydration, leaving the hair dry and brittle.
  • If you prefer natural remedies, many recommend coconut or argan oil massaged into the base of the neck.
  • On a budget - opt for a leave-in conditioner from Dollar Tree, that can be applied before braiding.
  • Protect your horse's mane from sun damage by considering nighttime turnout.
  • Wash and condition your horse's mane every 7 to 10 days to eliminate dirt and sweat buildup.

Results may start to show within a week or two, but complete repair of a damaged mane can take some time.

Stay patient and don't lose hope!

Monthly Boarding

Includes: 16x16 stalls Full Service Only

Completely covered (never wet from rain) with

soft lights from sunset to sunrise, fans, misters, shavings,

LED arena, wash area, tack shed, mucked and fed up to 5x's a day.

(ask for more details).

$550 monthly includes tack shed

Sand Arena Rental

(Boarders, No Charge)

LED Lights


Hourly $30

Introduction to horses

$35 for 45 minutes

Learning to ride (beginners)

$55 an hour

Ready to get back in the saddle

$45 an hour

Free Trail Riding Experience in Surprise, AZ

Looking to escape for a few hours on a ​Saturday or Sunday? Join us for a ride on both ​days and explore the scenic trails in our area, ​just a 10-minute drive from our back gate. ​Bring your horse and park your trailer in the ​designated area.

Savor the experience and ​anticipate your visit with ​excitement!


Here's what's been said about us.

"I'm never going anywhere else."

- Sue Cherry

"Such a clean and organized facility."

- Julie Brumback

"Great people who obviously love animals."

- Felicia Polizzi

Cassandra Banks, Owner and founder

These horses are my everything. You look and see a horse, I look and see my world.

Mike Bias, co-Owner and founder

I wake up loving this life more then I did yesterday. These animals are everything to me.

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BB RANCH, LLC Photo Gallery

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BBRanch, LLC

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Our locations


16830 W. Rancho Laredo Dr.

Surprise, AZ 85387

West of the 303

3643 S. Misty Ln.

Camp Verde, AZ 85322

Off Hwy 260 going to Payson